5 Career Choices to Find Financial Freedom in Your Thirties


Are you stepping or already stepped into your 30’s??

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” – Aristotle Onassis

Never forget the above quote!!

Graduating from college is so outdated. Real-world experiences must be put in front to step on.

To pay your bills and relax in your 30’s here are some super relaxing jobs you can opt for.

1. If you’re interested in Photography, then this is for you.
Freelance Photography
The skill you have to capture the pictures is going to help you. This is going to refreshing your body and soul.
You can do your photography with just your phone as it's no less than a camera.
Photography is totally about how creative and good your eyes are. Light capturing, shadows, nature, sunsets, food with a proper angle is the summary. Create a portfolio with your best captures as that’s what is valued more.

2. YouTube Content Creator

All you need is just to know 3 skills:
- Video Editing Skills
- A professional setup with just your phone again for the start. You do not have to worry that you’re a beginner. Just film great content and put it on the pages.
- Playing the long game -Keep the long game big. Pick up what you are more passionate about and play accordingly. Initial success should not put you down so ignore it but work for it.
Video Editing skills can be learned for free on YouTube / Tutorials.

3. Pro – Blogger / Writer
Write every day is the mantra. 
Do it without any hesitation. You don’t need to publish all your writings but this can give you an idea and practice. Get your writings better. Write about trending and different topics with simple understandable language.

4. Real – Estate Agent 
This is a commission-based job. This depends on how many hours you work for a day. To be better at sales & customer relations the more you stand high in the field.
There will be different kinds of clients which should be dealt with ease and smart actions. It is never going to start great but try to improve over time. Be dedicated than the amateurs.

5. Computer Programmer

This is a high-paying skill job. There are a lot of video tutorials o YouTube which show how to play with coding. To speed you up at this point there are some low–boost camps.
This does not again require any qualification as this is a highly lucrative job that has broken out already and it is a good sign. Just push yourself into it and you will never get out. From being a computer programmer.

Opportunities are to be created. You need to practice a lot before stepping into anything to get luckier. Once you are professionalized into a field, you’re going to have a great comeback.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot