Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor Are Back Together


We're kind of used to hearing about celebrity couples breaking up. This is constant. But there was also the news when they got back together. While they may not be as common as breakups, it's always nice to hear how some people make up for it and the reasons behind it.

One of the celebrities who decided to come back with his wife was actor Ben Stiller. Nearly five years after Ben Stiller and his wife Kristen Taylor announced their split, the actor is reuniting with his wife. It's Covid-19 that's helping them get back together.

Reunions are always fun and easy to read. Especially when it comes to your favorite Zoolander cast. Ben Stiller announced that he had returned with his wife. That's nearly 5 years after they first announced their split. In his recent interview with actor Esquire, he revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic was the reason they got together. In 2020, Stiller, 56, and the actress, who was arrested for development, decided that Stiller was better off going home. The reason for this is so he can be with their two children, Ella, 19, and Quinlin, 16. This happened in the first few months of the lockdown.

During and after this time, their relationship developed. They were separated and now come together. It was a wonderful time and decision for the whole family. As he explained, it was an unexpected thing that turned out to be a good thing for the pandemic. He explained that the change of heart largely speaks to their mutual respect for the relationship and an acknowledgment of their differences. He further explained that their respect for similar things and the way they were different from each other definitely brought them closer than ever. Accepting that you can really appreciate someone more because you're not trying to change them makes relationships and marriages so valuable that you fight for them. If both parties accept it, it can save a lot of energy. Some things work for one person and not for another, and vice versa. Acceptance plays an important role here. Stiller goes on to explain that trusting your partner is just as important as saying you don't want or want to do something. It doesn't mean you don't like your partner.

The first breakup news came in April 2017, when they announced their split. By then, they had been together for about 17 years, but had not filed for divorce.

Throughout the breakup, neither Ben nor Kristin spoke about the possibility of a reconciliation, suggesting the couple was open to it.