The new map in Valorant: everything you need to know


Valorant is one of the most famous first-person shooter games. After many rumors about the eighth map of Valorant, it was finally released on June 22 with Act1 in episode 5, named Dimension. The map was named Pearl. This map is set in an underwater city in Portugal and is inspired by Portuguese Culture. This map is different from most of the maps in Valorant. Level designer of Valorant Joe Lansford said in a press release date that the development team wanted to Pearl straightforward map meaning there are no design gimmicks like doors, teleporters, or ziplines and this map is stated to be the only Valorant map without gimmicks. Pearl is different but it shares some similarities with maps like Ascent and Haven; in these maps, mid-control is crucial for defenders and attackers.

What makes pearl unique?

Every map of Valorant is unique in its way but what makes pearl unique compared to other maps are the holes/windows in the walls and its unique mid-design. In most of the maps, there's one big area but in pearl, it's built by connecting smaller corridors to spawns.

Initially, Pearl may seem like a simple two-site, three-lane map, but any player can find out that there are multiple layers to its complexity

The layout of Pearl:

The attacker spawn is an enormous, generally empty that leads to a large Amphitheater The Amphitheater is large and for the most part vacant, including a progression of seats and steps consistently driving downwards towards a focal stage at the back. The design is plain and serious, keeping with the architecture of the rest of the city. As Pearl features many small hallways, it almost has the same agent meta as Split. These maps share so many similarities. the holes in the map which permit some fascinating plays, particularly for some high mobility players such as Jett and Bulldoze.

A & B Site:

An is the more modest of the two sites on Pearl. Leading into A Site from Attackers' Produce through A Café is a passage flanked by Kingdom Industries construction barrier. Unlike, many maps occurring In Alpha, the detonation of the spike planned to steal isn't immediately evident. However, going back through the secret areas in A site there are two small windows through which boxes of green and orange radianite can be seen and it seems as if the radianite is being held by Atlas. This makes them a critical security force in Pearl.

In the middle of the map, there is a white statue holding up a large pearl that is indicating the name of the map.

Moving on to the B site there is a small station that serves as the island's primary means for outside transport. The trains are also used for fast evacuation of the city in a crisis. Outside the Multiverse Museum, there is a small building named with the Atlas logo. By the door of that building is a pair of posters of Oran McEneff and Rúben Pontes, two scientists who were noticeably featured at Fracture. As indicated by the banners, Oran is needed for being an illegal alien from ALPHA, while Rúben is needed for harboring a fugitive, and is labeled as a hazardous individual.