New Valorant Champions bundle 2022: everything you want to know


Riot Games has increased the hype surrounding the new Valorant Champions 2022 with the release of an in-game update that includes the highly anticipated new Champions Bundle 2022, including premium Phantoms and Butterfly Knives with unique visuals. Riot Games has released a new collection of skins to celebrate this year's Valorant champions, featuring the Champions 2022 Phantom, Butterfly Knife, Trophy Card, Buddy and Spray. The full package costs 6,265 Valorant Points, or about $66. This pack was released on August 23rd and will be available until 5:00 SGT (UTC+8). This is a one-time bundled offer and will no longer appear in the rotating shop or night market. This bundle's collection is similar to last year's Champions bundle, with the only additions being the Phantom Knife and Butterfly Knife. Riot Games producer Laura Baltzer said on the VCT show that when designing Champions 2022 weapons, we wanted to give players the same feel as last year, such as complex and bold skins that can be explored by moving and directing your abilities, regardless of Are you down or down 30 on the leaderboard.

Brave Champion 2022

Those who purchase the Valorant Champions Bundle 2022 participate in the income distribution, with half of the income being divided equally among the champion's 16 participating groups. Riot Games raised $18.72 million from the 2021 VALORANT Champions group. The members' share of revenue from the package is then divided equally among each association, totaling $585,000.

Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle Skins

This year's Champion Pack includes a Phantom skin that complements the Vandal skin from last year's pack, a Butterfly Knife, a Trophy Card, a Companion, and a Spray.

Phantom skin

Phantom is the only weapon skin in this bundle. The Phantom has a special red muzzle flash in the shape of the VCT Spark logo. Check in with the champion's 2022 national anthem and more. The kill effect will appear after each kill. Riot Games claims that the progressive kill effect was one of the most challenging for them, and it took them almost a year to do it, because without it, Halo of Champions wouldn't be complete. There's also a Terminator and Kill Banner, and the Phantom will display a glowing gold outline when the player has the most kills in the game. The design of the weapon evolves after every 5 kills, up to a maximum of 25 kills.

Folding knife

The Butterfly Knife is a melee weapon with a special Easter Egg that activates when the player has at least 25 kills and is at the top shard. Melee will glow like a phantom when the player has the most kills in the game, and the design will evolve after every 5 kills, up to a maximum of 25 kills. At the moment when the player has 25 kills and the most kills in the game, they have a check animation that embodies what it means to be a champion.