Is Genshin Impacts' story complete? Here is what we know about it


Genshin Impact is one of the most famous games, and it deserves it. Anyone who has played the game knows how deep it is, but does the story have an ending? Yes, there will be an ending, but the game is currently incomplete and miHoYo has no official confirmation of its ending. Seven gods ruled over the seven regions of Tyat. Each god has an area to rule, and only four of those seven areas were initiated by MiHoYo in Genshin Impact. Cai Haoyu, CEO of miHoYo, announced at the Game Developers Conference in July 2021 that the company will release all seven regions of Teyvat over the next four years.

Seven districts of Tivat

1. Mondstadt: Mondstadt is a free city located on the Upper East Side of Teyvat

2. Liyue: Liyue is a port located east of Teyvat. In the city, the mountains tower above the stone forest.

3. Inazuma: Inazuma is an isolated place in the far east of Taiwat. This is an archipelago region that worships the Thunder Shogun, the Electric Archon, and the Lightning Shogun.

4. Sumeru: Sumeru is one of the seven regions of Tivat, and all nations worship the god of wisdom.

5. Fontaine: Fontaine is one of the seven regions of Tivat, and all countries worship the god of justice.

6. Natlan: Nathan is one of the seven districts of Teyvat where the state worships Murata and Pyro Archon.

7. Sznezhnaya: Sznezhnaya is one of the seven districts of Tivat. Cyro Archon and Fatui are worshipped in this country.

Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma and Sumeru have been released. Fontaine will be released in 2023, Natlan in 2024 and Sznezhnaya Natlan in 2025.

When does Genshin Impact end?

Assuming the game continues to be famous and prolific, miHoYo could further expand Genshin Impact's story. Regardless, it now appears that the main story will be complete once all seven Tivat nations have been added to the game. Considering it would take almost a full year to add another area, it could take another three years to launch and explore each area. However, that doesn't mean the story ends once the Seven Kingdoms begins, as the developers have introduced the concept of multiple worlds in the Genshin Impact universe. If the game is as popular as it is now, the developers will definitely expand the game's horizons to multiple worlds, but we all know that the game's initial storyline will end when Aether finds his brother. miHoYo generally maintains a similar schedule for updates, banners, and bringing new events into the game. As such, it's reasonable to expect the organization to also stick to the timeline for introducing new regions, meaning that the closure of Genshin Effect could take the better part of a day to actually complete.