Apex Legends' new character: here's what we know about it


Apex Legends is one of the most popular free battle royale hero shooters. It is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. A new character has been introduced in the latest update to Apex Legends. Vantage, whose real name is Xiomara Mara Contreras, is 18 years old, the youngest legend to date. Born on the desolate ice planet of Págos, Vantage was raised alone by her mother Xenia. She is a sniper and has a bat named Echo that can help her in certain situations. Their equipment is specialized for maneuvering and reconnaissance. Her tactical abilities allow her to use the echo to quickly move from place to place. From the moment she was tall enough to see through the scope and reach the trigger at the same time, the Vantage proved she had a talent for a sniper rifle. It is also said that Vantage memorized a looted encyclopedia of Outland, which helped her understand the world beyond where she grew up.

Welfare ability:

Like other Legends, Vantage has three abilities, one passive, one tactical, and one ultimate.

Passive Skill: Vantage's passive skill is Spotter's Lens, which allows her to aim down when aiming at medium to long range, or gather intel on enemies while empty-handed. This capability also applies to the 2x HCOG Bruiser and all higher magnification optics. When zooming in on enemies, players can see what legend they are, what color their shields are, and how far away they are. If you ping them, this data will be shared with your teammates. Spotter's Lens also gives the Vantage a projectile drop marker that shows where their shots will land at various distances. It's a useful tool when sniping or using medium-range firearms, as it lets the player know how high they intend to hit the target.

Tactical Ability: The Vantage's tactical ability is called Echo Relocation. When this ability is activated, her bat will echo to a specific spot in her field of vision, awaiting further instructions. Clubs can relocate or recall at any time. Once the bat is where Vantage wants it, players can rocket bounce to Echo's location as long as the bat is within Vantage's line of sight. Echo Relocation is useful when players are trying to reach higher positions to view larger territories, and works even better when paired with Antages' passive skill, Spotters Lens.

Ultimate Ability: The Vantage's ultimate ability is called the Sniper Mark. This skill can store up to five charges, and each charge contains one shot. Enemies hit by his shots take 50 damage and are marked, meaning they take more damage from Vantage and teammates. As long as Vantage's Ultimate has a charge, she can fire.