Upcycling VS Recycling


Upcycling and recycling. Many of us get confused between the two and some don't even realize that they are two completely different words with different meanings.


In this informative article, we will be talking about the main differences between recycling and upcycling so that all your confusion can be cleared. Further, we will go on and list some basic upcycling and recycling practices and address some frequently asked questions on this topic.


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What is upcycling?


Upcycling involves taking up the waste material and creating something new without changing its state. The object or item is used as it is for another task. So, the upcycled object carries its own story, one that covers both what it used to be and what it is now!


What is recycling?


Recycling involves the destruction of waste material with the main aim of creating something new from it. The state of the product or material is therefore usually changed and the product does not narrate a story of what it was before.



Upcycling examples


• Hand painting some Terracotta pots lying around in your backyard to use as home decor is an example of an upcycling project that is quite pocket friendly. All you need is your painting gear and some free time! Friendly advice, definitely try painting a pot or two someday, and if you are not that much of an artistic person you will find the activity to be quite therapeutic.


• Do you have some old candle jars lying around somewhere in your room? Well, it's time to take them out, clean them and decorate them with ribbons or other creative material. After you have fixed them enough to match the aesthetic of your room, you can easily place them on your study table or shelves and use them as storage containers.


Recycling examples


• Use empty cardboard boxes from previous purchases, cut them open, and shape them using glue to create new products such as small playhouses for kids, bird feeders to keep in the garden, etc. You can also use flat cardboard for room decor by pasting aesthetic art prints on it and then hanging it on your wall.



So, this was a quick overview of upcycling and recycling projects, but before we proceed let's discuss one more difference between the two in terms of convenience and practicality!


Recycling activities can be highly practical and convenient, especially with organizations taking the responsibility of recycling materials for people but upcycling is generally more innovation-based. It requires great creativity and the application of skills and techniques to create the final material or product.


Let's now address some frequently asked questions about upcycling and recycling.


Q: Is upcycling better than recycling

While there is no such thing as one being better than the other here, some people do people upcycling should be proffered more because it turns waste materials into something of high value while when recycling, products tend to transform into lower quality materials


Q: Is there any similarity between upcycling and recycling?

The scope of this article is mainly to educate you about the differences between upcycling and recycling, however, yes both do indeed have some similarities for eg both these processes are carried out with the shared purpose of improving sustainability and reducing wastage.


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