Sustainability in the Beauty Industry


I am sure many of you must have heard about sustainable fashion and how it is slowly replacing conventional fashion practices in many parts of the world. But did you know that the beauty industry is also being transformed to make it more eco-friendly? If not, definitely consider reading this article because we will be discussing all about sustainability and the beauty industry here!


However, before we dive into how sustainability is slowly being incorporated into the beauty industry, let's first talk about the environmental impact of the beauty industry which created the need for it to be made sustainable in the first place.

Environmental impact of the beauty industry


Over the past few decades, the beauty industry has been functioning largely on unsustainable grounds and has severely affected our planet and its resources. Excessive usage of water, pollution of landfills and oceans, and carbon emissions are just a few examples that help summarize its contribution to environmental suffering.


However, as consumers today have started to become more conscious and demanding in terms of sustainability, the beauty industry has also been forced to integrate sustainable values and reduce the environmental impact it is leaving behind.


Sustainability and the beauty industry


So far the following has been introduced to realign the beauty industry on sustainable principles:

1) Improved product formulas

Sustainable beauty brands have changed their product formulas to incorporate more eco-friendly ingredients in them. These are mainly natural and come mainly from renewable sources i.e. those sources that can be reused and will not run out.


2) Usage of sustainable packaging material

Sustainable packaging is another integral sustainable beauty businesses practice. Since plastic is such a major polluter that increases the carbon footprint of companies, ethical businesses have ditched it all together and use non-polluting materials such as fabric for packaging their products.


3) Ethical sourcing

To ensure complete sustainability in products, many green businesses have started to adopt an ethical sourcing policy whereby they not only employ sustainable production methods within their businesses but also only purchase raw materials from businesses that strictly adhere to sustainable values themselves.


4) Improved labor rights

Better working conditions, equal pay, fair wages, and healthy working hours are also some practices adopted by sustainable beauty brands which ensure that marginalized communities are not exploited in any way to fulfill their beauty demands.


5) Recycling programs

Many sustainable beauty brands have also started taking sustainable initiatives based on introducing recycling programs to not just facilitate recycling within the business such as making use of leftover production materials but also customers who wish to recycle products they have brought and no longer use. Some businesses also incentivize this by offering perks to loyal customers who participate in sustainability initiatives.


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