Small Steps to Sustainable Living


In this article we will be talking about the small steps you can take towards sustainable living. However, before that let's discuss what sustainable living is.

What is sustainable living?


Sustainable living is used to describe a style of living that revolves around green practices. Individuals who live sustainably often care deeply about the environment and as a consequence aim to minimize the damage they cause to it by reducing their carbon footprint.


In our modern societies today, the concept of sustainable living is slowly gaining popularity as it has become what I would want to refer to as the need of the time.


I mean just have a look around and you will see that our planet is suffering from a lot of environmental destruction. Every day there is news about flooding, increase in climate change and how global warming could lead to irreversible damage to our planet. Thus, with all this it is important now more than ever that responsible measures are taken and this environmental decoration is stopped because it progresses and becomes something too large to be controlled. Sustainable living is just one such example of a responsible measure, which if practiced globally can be quite impactful.


Green practices that you can adopt to start living sustainably


1) Stop using plastic 

Plastic, especially single-use plastic, is an insane polluter that is causing great destruction to our environment. Sustainable living, therefore, starts with limiting the usage of plastic. So, try and find sustainable alternatives for all plastic products that you use. Instead of carrying plastic water bottles go for bamboo-based ones or use water filters. Likewise, take your fabric bags with you when shopping, quit dining out at places that serve food in plastic ware, etc.

2) Sustainable commuting

Fuel-based emissions result in many issues such as polluted air as the emissions are mainly carbon-based. Therefore, adopt more eco-friendly ways of commuting such as carpool, taking the bus instead of your private vehicle, investing in green cars, etc


3) Use resources carefully

Save water when you are showing, or cleaning around the house. Put the light bulbs off when not in use and try using fuel-efficient bulbs.


4) Ditch fast fashion

The fast fashion industry contributes quite heavily to your carbon footprint as they are involved in multiple environmentally destructive carbon-emitting processes. Stop falling into the trap of consumerist ideologies and look beyond trends.


5) Buy from sustainable brands

Support sustainable brands and purchase products only from them. If you are ditching fast fashion, know that there are so many incredibly sustainable fashion brands that you can still buy clothes from. Likewise, when it comes to other products such as cleaning items, makeup products, etc choose sustainable brands to buy from. However, always make sure that the businesses you're buying from are sustainable and not just use sustainability as a marketing tool that sells!




We hope that this article has proven to be a resourceful guide, helping you understand all the basics of sustainable living.


Hopefully reading it also motivated you to start living more sustainably!