Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable Today!


Many of us are under the wrong impression that our clothing choices determine only our fashion choices. You must be wondering, why? Well, the answer is simple. Your clothing choices do have to say a lot about your preferences when it comes to fashion and your taste but it speaks heavily of other things as well such as the amount of significance you give to the environment. Remember, an individual who spends money recklessly on fast fashion practices is not the same as another who invests in sustainable clothing!

In this article we will be talking in detail about sustainable wardrobes starting off with an explanation of why exactly is it so important to make your wardrobe sustainable and then slowly progressing towards explanations that point out clear cut differences between conventional fashion and sustainable fashion. Lastly, we will talk about some sustainable practices that can help you in this journey and allow you to navigate your way here better with greater knowledge and effectiveness.

Why is it so important to make your wardrobe sustainable?

You need to make your wardrobe sustainable in order to help mitigate problems such as climate change which are being fuelled by fast fashion. Fashion has to contribute to a lot of environmental suffering and it is high time now that we mend our ways before we encounter even more climatic hazards. Switching to green wardrobes is one important mechanism through which we can ensure a safe environment for our future generations.

Sustainable alternatives:

By buying sustainable clothing materials you are helping bring about a sustainable revolution in the following ways:

You are supporting responsible water usage.

The conventional fashion industry today is involved in the wastage of many resources and water often tops the list. In fact statistics show that 20% of global water waste is due to unsustainable fashion practices. Everyday fashion industries spread across the globe waste millions of gallons of water that could otherwise be used for productive, green, and profitable purposes such as generating electricity, supplying water to underprivileged locations, etc. Sustainable fashion brands on the contrary are very particular about water usage and advocate for water conservation.

Your consumption would not be contributing to the unsafe disposal of production waste.

Conventional fashion practices facilitate unsafe disposal of waste material such as toxic dyes which enter lakes and rivers, leading to water pollution and disrupting the biodiversity there.

You will be advocating for better labor rights

Sustainable fashion brands also have strict HR policies that revolve around practices such as ensuring fair labor wages, healthy working hours, gender equality at the workplace, etc. On the other hand, the fast fashion industry is responsible for a large-scale violation of labor rights and is involved in the exploitation of labor. The choice now is yours, decide for yourself!

Sustainable practices to adopt:

1. Consume less, choose quality over quantity always

2. Do your research and find out more about places that genuinely sell sustainable products

3. Buy products only after carefully thinking about your fashion preferences as you tend to wear items you like more for a greater period of time

4. Be vocal and advocate against fast fashion

5. Invite your friends and family to green clothing practices

6. Don't throw away clothes always try fixing problems such as minor holes and if you still want to discard them, try donating them so that other people can still benefit from them

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of adopting sustainable fashion practices and has equipped you with all the necessary resources needed to facilitate the transition from having a wardrobe full of materials produced by the reckless fast fashion industry to one that consists mainly of sustainable products. proven to be resourceful, helping you understand the significance of making responsible consumption choices.