The 10 most popular foods and drinks in the UK


1. Bake dinner

The roast dinner—the roast itself, the delicious noodles, and of course the gravy—is a typical British flavor. The British Sunday lunch is also regarded as the Sunday roast, which is the core of British cuisine and cooking.

If you are invited to a Sunday dinner, you can enjoy grilled meat (usually lamb), baked potatoes and/or Yorkshire pudding, fillings, gravy and vegetables such as parsnips, Brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, beans , Broccoli, cauliflower or leeks. In addition to traditional gravy, some families also provide cheese sauce for vegetables.

2. A cup of tea

If you are invited to the English tea time, please note that you may get more than just a cup of tea. In addition to a cup of strong tea, you may also get some snacks, such as bread and butter, biscuits or tea sandwiches. Another variant of English tea is "cream tea", which is usually served in the western region (Devon and Cornwall). Cream tea includes jam and curd cream with scones.

3. Fish and Chips

The British favorite fish and chips are deep-fried in a crispy batter and remain one of the most popular fast foods in the UK. The fish is usually cod or haddock, but it can replace cod, plaice (also known as dab, a member of the flounder family), and even tilapia. In the UK, French fries are what Americans call French fries.

4. Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire pudding is usually part of a traditional roast dinner and is completely different from American pudding. In fact, Yorkshire pudding is very much like a giant popcorn. It is traditionally made from dripping water from roasted lamb, which is captured while the meat is cooking.

5. Full English breakfast

The full English breakfast is very famous. This is the perfect weekend breakfast. Ingredients may vary, but usually include eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, beans, roasted tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, and savory black (blood) and/or white pudding.

6. Jaffa Cake

These packaged biscuits have been around since 1927 and are based on sponge cakes with orange jam filling and chocolate frosting. There are rectangular imitations, but the real Jaffa cakes are round and sold in blue and yellow packaging.

7. Beer

The United Kingdom is famous for its amazing bars, which include a wide variety of beers. British beer is now sold internationally in a variety of styles, including bitter, Indian light Al, dark beer, porter and lagers.

8. Muffins

Muffins are the perfect afternoon tea snack, served hot with jam or butter. The round muffins are unique in texture, soft and crumbly.

9.Strawberries and cream

In early summer, there is nothing better than strawberries and cream, which are popular as light desserts in the British Isles.

10. Cornish Pie

Cornish pie is a delicious way to enjoy delicious meat and vegetables in beautiful shortcrust pastries. The classic Cornish pie consists of beef, onions and potatoes, and a radish-shaped vegetable called the Swede.