Crispy Buffalo Wings


Skip takeout and make crispy, restaurant-quality oven-roasted buffalo wings at home. Crispy and delicious buffalo-style chicken wings, tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, are a dream. When you pair them with a dip and traditional buffalo-style wings (think celery sticks, ranch, blue cheese dip), you're in heaven.

Skinless chicken wings are a blank canvas for your favorite sauce flavor combinations. So get creative with the different flavors and textures of colorful spices. You can enhance the natural flavor of spices by experimenting. The combinations are endless, from buffalo to barbecue, from orange to lemon pepper. These chicken wings are grilled, not fried, and are a healthier option than frying.

History and Formation of Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are so named because they were invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. They consist of chicken wings deep fried in hot yellow and coated with a delicious sauce. Teressa Bellissimo developed the original recipe for buffalo wings. She is the mother of Frank Bellissimo and Dominic Bellissimo. According to the original recipe, the wings were to be dipped in vinegar, but Teresa used a hot sauce that is increasingly popular with customers. When Frank and Dominic opened their restaurant, they served the wings with celery sticks and a blue cheese sauce.

Ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings – Chicken wings are a popular game day meal. Use fresh or thawed wings for the best flavor. You can also use frozen wings; however, they may take longer to cook. If using frozen wings, thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

Baking Soda – Baking soda is the best option for making your chicken wings even more crispy without the traditional and messy frying. This makes the wings extra crispy on the outside, but still soft and juicy on the inside. They are baked in the oven.

Salt - You can add salt to taste. We used sea salt in these wings for you to enjoy.

 Garlic Powder – Garlic powder is ground dried garlic cloves. It adds a delicious kiss to your wings to tickle your taste buds.

Unsalted Butter - You can't make good wings without butter. you bet! It gives the buffalo sauce a nice creaminess that you can't get from oil or margarine. Butter also helps brown the wings and adds flavor and texture.

Hot Sauce – Have you ever tried hot sauce? If you don't, you're missing out on beautiful and exciting food. Just the right amount of this spicy and mildly spicy Frank's Red Hot Sauce will get your buffalo wings finger-licking with a hint of spice. It's the perfect base for your wing sauce.

Sugar – Added sugar helps thicken and caramelize the sauce, giving it great flavor and texture.


3 pounds chicken wings

1 tablespoon. baking powder

1 teaspoon fine sea salt

2 teaspoons garlic powder

Buffalo Sauce

1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted

1/4 cup Frank's Original Hot Sauce

1 tablespoon granulated or brown sugar


1.       To prepare the chicken, pat dry with paper towels and preheat oven to 450F. Wrap a baking sheet in foil and place a wire rack on top.

2.       In a medium bowl, combine the baking soda, salt and garlic powder. Twist the wings in the mixture. Transfer chicken to grate.

3.       Bake the wings for 25 minutes, then flip and bake for an additional 25 minutes or until done.

4.       Meanwhile, prepare the sauce to spread on the buffalo wings. Combine all sauce ingredients in a medium bowl.

5.       Remove the chicken from the oven and place the wings in a bowl with the sauce. Toss to coat the wings with the sauce.

6.       Serve with the dipping sauce of your choice. enjoy!

Pro tip:

To ensure the crust is as crispy as possible, dry the wings completely with paper towels before baking.

Thanks to the baking powder, this recipe creates such a nice crust on the wings. I highly recommend it!

How do you serve buffalo wings?

When it comes to versatile Buffalo Wings, you can't go wrong with countless pairing options. Favorites are blue cheese dip, ranch dip, and creamy garlic mayo

The traditional dip is Blue Cheese Sauce, a simple Greek yogurt topped with crumbled blue cheese. Next, Ranch Dressing is a buttermilk-based dressing with a hint of buttermilk and dill. Lastly, the Creamy Garlic Mayo is a little more complicated. It's a homemade mayo with garlic powder. You can look up recipes online or experiment in the kitchen to find the right combination you like!

Can you use frozen wings?

Yes, you can use frozen chicken wings. However, you need to defrost it and make sure it is completely defrosted. If you don't, the skin won't be crispy and you'll end up with chewy wings instead of crispy ones.

How do buffalo wings taste?

Buffalo wings have a very unique flavor. They're seasoned with hot sauce, usually with a blue cheese sauce. The cool combination of hot sauce and blue cheese is a great combination of flavors. Buffalo wings are also a distinct departure from traditional spicy chicken wings.

How do you know when chicken wings are ready?

Chicken wings are done when the innermost internal temperature of the meat reaches 74°C and the juices are clear. The outside of the chicken should be brown and crispy.

(Writer:Iqra Marium)