Best Korean Restaurants in New York City



Cuisine Type: Contemporary, Korean | 205 USD

Three MICHELIN Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!

MICHELIN Green Star: Gastronomy and sustainability

The opening of Atomix in 2018 brought about a paradigm shift in the city’s appreciation of Korean food. Owners Junghyun Park and his wife Ellia not only serve the most exquisite multicourse menu but have also created a truly beautiful space inside this Gramercy brownstone in which to enjoy it. This becomes quickly apparent, as you’re led into the lounge for pre-prandial drinks and snacks before being seated at the three-sided, 14-seat counter—that enormous care has gone into every detail, from the colors and the uniforms to the chopsticks and the bowls.

Competing with all this style and elegance could be a challenge but the food is equally memorable. Dishes are delicate, yet satisfying and display extraordinary finesse and detail. The banchan alone will alert you that something special is happening here and whether pickling, curing, fermenting, or grilling it’s apparent this is one with a mastery of all techniques. And the ingredients, be it Australian abalone, Hokkaido uni or Wagyu from Miyazaki are equally exemplary.

To supplement the already charming service, custom-designed cards explaining the make-up of each dish and the inspiration behind it are presented with each course.


Address: 104 E. 30th St., New York, 10016, United States

Telephone: +1 707-944-2380



Cuisine Type: Korean, Steakhouse | 50 - 180 USD

One MICHELIN Star: High-quality cooking, worth a stop!

Korean-born Simon Kim opened Cote as a joyful celebration of his home country’s love for beef allied with his admiration for the great American steakhouse. Just head downstairs and admire the meats hanging in the aging room. The space also breaks the norm in its mien—dark, moody, and atmospheric. There’s a comprehensive wine list too, which, if you look close enough, offers nuggets of value. (Downstairs is their ersatz speakeasy, Undercoat.)

First-timers should go for the “Butcher’s Feast” featuring different cuts of beef, an egg soufflé, and enough banchan to cover your table. Meats are first presented raw for you to admire; your server then oils the grill and expertly cooks them. A supporting cast of kimchi and ssamjang merely elevates their flavor.


Address: 16 W. 22nd St., New York, 10010, United States

Telephone: +1 212-401-7986


Jeju Noodle Bar

Cuisine Type: Korean | 20 - 50 USD

One MICHELIN Star: High-quality cooking, worth a stop!

Named after the South Korean island that's renowned for its high-quality pork, this corner "bar" aims to take that nation's comfort food and elevate it to sophisticated heights. As envisioned by Chef/owner Douglas Kim, the kitchen specializes in ramyun—not ramen.

The dining space mixes old West Village charm with tidy minimalism for a casual, hip, and convivial hangout. Pick your perch at one of the generously spaced tables, or (preferably) at the engaging counter where you can watch each dish come together. If that doesn't have your taste buds tingling, the kitchen's concise number of unique items at a steal of a price will hit the spot. Persian cucumber kimchi with a spicy plum dressing, shiso and sesame seeds is a culinary delight, while the mouthwatering aroma of pork bone broth precedes the arrival of gochu ramyun brimming with curly noodles, bean sprouts, and pickled cabbage is a veritable thesis on ace ingredients.

Pyunche salad mingling sushi-grade amberjack dabbed with chimichurri and crunchy vegetables is a simple yet delicious wonder. Not far behind is the surprising toro ssam bap highlighting the eponymous fatty fish with scrambled egg, tobiko and toasted seaweed.


Address: 679 Greenwich St., New York, 10014, United States

Telephone: +1 646-666-0947



Cuisine Type: Korean | 185 - 210 USD

Two MICHELIN Stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour!

The cuisine describes itself as “New Korean,” which means it does lean westwards quite considerably; indeed, some of the wonderful sauces turned out of this versatile kitchen wouldn’t be out of place at a grand French table. But what is most impressive here is that the Korean elements of the dishes seem to raise them to another level. Bibimbap composed with gochujang, crispy quinoa and tender Wagyu beef tartare will live long in the memory; while the branzino served simply with white kimchi shows that this is also a kitchen with the utmost confidence in the quality of its ingredients.

This is cooking that is original, impeccably executed and enormously satisfying. It’s the sort of food that makes you involuntarily nod to yourself while you’re eating.

The space is cool, crisp and elegant; the service team sharp, keen and organized. The impressive acreage could make the dining room unwieldy, but it’s divided up into smaller sections so you never feel like you’re rattling around. It also helps that it’s decorated in a sensual and sophisticated way—Jungsik is an immeasurably good-looking restaurant, run with the professionalism that its cooking demands.


Address: 2 Harrison St., New York, 10013, United States

Telephone: +1 212-219-0900